By Amy Ryan
Updated June 12, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
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So, what do Patsy Cline,Emmylou Harris,Faith Hill,Toby Keith, andShania Twain have in common? All these country artists have been featured on the soundtrack of what is surely the most eclectic-scored TV series ever, The Sopranos. That’s right, the characters on the recently concluded series didn’t just listen to Vegas-y lounge favorites (Sinatra, Dean Martin, et al) or New Jersey local heroes (Sinatra again, Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and of course, cast member Little Steven), but to all kinds of music, including hip-hop and country. In season 6, viewers heard Cline’s “Let the Teardrops Fall” (in the episode “Live Free or Die”) and Keith’s “I Love This Bar” (in “Moe n’ Joe”). Harris (pictured) sang “Heaven Only Knows,” which played during the season 5 premiere “Two Tonys.” Hill’s hit “Breathe” was heard during season 4’s “Mergers and Acquisitions,” and Twain’s hit “You’re Still the One” played during season 2’s “Bust Out.”

Given how much space we’ve devoted to the Sopranos finale over the past several days, it’s surprising that more readers didn’t guess this one. Some entertaining wrong answers: Erika DeGrave wrote that the five singers are “all Democrats.” (Um, I doubt it.) “They all wrote songs about being in jail, while they themselves were in jail,” claimed Donna Mehnert, “just like Miss Parasite Hilton.” Ha ha, but no. But if you’d kept thinking crime, maybe you’d have guessed the connection, just like this week’s winners: Brian DiLeandro,Jesse Hall, andPatrick A. Yearout. Congratulation, you three. You will all now be placed in the Witness Protection Program.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Come back next weekend for another HeadScratcher…

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