A schlubby fashion special -- Dane Cook, Seth Rogen, and Kevin Smith suffer from ''the Apatow Effect''

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated June 08, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

On June 3, L.A. hosted the MTV Movie Awards, and the funnymen of Hollywood provided more red-carpet disasters than we could fit on this page. In an effort to stem the schlubby tide of what we’ve dubbed ”the Apatow Effect,” EW presents the following manifesto.

Gentlemen, we are finished. Finished with you confusing thrift-store T-shirts for edgy fashion, insisting that faded jeans can be nice pants, and forgetting the difference between sneakers and shoes. We understand that Knocked Up and its message of slobby-dude supremacy have given you ideas, but it’s a movie, and it’s not real. If your female counter-parts must squeeze their bodies into all sorts of ergonomically undesirable clothing devices — and smile — you could at least be bothered to shower. Lose the scruff, brush the hair, take off the ball caps for a start. And never, ever tell a reporter that your goal for the evening is ”to not look like I got dressed up for the Movie Awards.” It’s funny, Andy Samberg…but it ain’t right.

Kevin James
Will park your car for (fashion) tips

Kevin Smith
There are no words. But ”egads” comes to mind.

Andy Samberg
Windbreaking hearts everywhere

Seth Rogen
We blame your movie. And all its friends.

Dane Cook
Like the Terminator on Western night