The headliners from the True Colors Tour talk about moms, tattoos, and drag queens

By EW Staff
June 08, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

CYNDI LAUPER Margaret, you make me laugh so hard. Every time you start talking about your mother, I start crying.

MARGARET CHO She’s going to come to a bunch of the tour dates. She loves you.

CL A lot of moms like me because I put my mom in my videos. She will come to the New York show on June 18. When I played the Garden for the first time [in 1986], she brought about 50 people. Not everybody’s mother has a posse.

MC I got asked to [host the tour], and I said yes right away, because to me this is everybody that I want to see all in one place.

CL In Atlanta, we’re there on gay pride, and I want to do the parade.

MC I wish we could do the parade in every city. It’s the perfect thing.

CL There are drag queens who dress up like me. I am a drag queen.

MC Well, a drag icon. You’re not a drag queen.

CL Oh, yes I am! I guess I always ran away from being an icon.

MC Well, the gay community is so important to me not just because of being a gay icon. That’s why I love this show, because it gives us an opportunity to all come together.

CL That’s what the whole thing is about; it’s about celebration and pride and respect…. And Rosie [O’Donnell]’s going to play drums [during my set]!

MC That’s so cute! She can play?

CL She can play. And she always loved ”Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Always, always, always.

MC You know, I used to have my hair like [yours in the video]. I had cut it, shaved the side, dyed it pink — it takes forever to dye my hair pink, because I have to bleach it out first.

CL Me too. I have to bleach my hair. Gawd knows what color my hair really is now. I ain’t seen it.

MC I saw you on Friday Night Videos, because I didn’t have MTV. I remember the ”Time After Time” video. I was excited because you had an Asian girl in it, and I thought, Oh, my God, I’m included in the revolution!

CL When I used to watch MTV, it bugged me because with black people, there were no white people, and with white people there were no black people. So I figured I’d elbow my way in. Those are my friends in the video.

MC It looks like your friends. Was Captain Lou Albano in that?

CL Yeah, of course. He was into piercing before it was a big thing.

MC My whole stomach and back and both my arms are totally tattooed.

CL I always wanted to get another one right on my butt.

MC Oh, you should!

CL Well, my husband gets a little [bothered by the idea]. But he’s been busy, and I’ve been away, and I figure, I go on the tour, by the time I come back it’s really…old news. It’s my butt, anyway.