Don’t count me among those disappointed that Sean Connery (pictured, right, with Harrison Ford) won’t be reprising his role as indiana Jones’ father in the fourth Indy movie, which begins shooting in 10 days. Connery posted an announcement at the official Indiana Jones website, saying that not even the prospect of working with Steven Spielberg and Ford again could coax him back in front of the camera because “retirement is just too damned much fun.”

That sounds like an awfully glib excuse, but whatever the real reason — maybe he’s not mentally or physically up to the demands of the role anymore, or he doesn’t want audiences to see the ravages of his 76 years, or he really is having too much fun playing golf — I won’t begrudge him his desire to sit this one out. His announcement echoes the one made a couple weeks ago by Paul Newman; the 82-year-old told ABC News he’s happy to devote his working hours to his food businesses and that he’s not up to the challenges of acting anymore. Both men had world-class runs in movies, and both deserve to rest on their laurels.

Sure, we’d all like to see Connery and Newman continue to sparkle on screen, but then again, movie history is littered with late-career embarrassments by performers who didn’t know when to hang it up, who didn’t observe the showbiz adage that you should always leave ’em wanting more. What say you, PopWatchers? Should we try to coax these guys back into action, even if they’re not in fighting shape, or should we let them be and just enjoy their bodies of work?