By Amy Ryan
Updated June 07, 2007 at 09:22 PM EDT

Yes, we know, Ocean’s Thirteen doesn’t even open until tomorrow, but still, c’mon, it’s never too early to ask, as EW freelancer Carrie Bell discovered when she quizzed the stars of Ocean’s Thirteen on the red carpet at the movie’s Hollywood premiere on Tuesday. (“We’re done, done, done, done,” insisted George Clooney, pictured, but his costars were game to name additional celebs who should take a dip in the Ocean.)

Among the more offbeat ideas: Eddie Izzard suggested Djimon Hounsou. “Maybe the crew can steal blood diamonds next time and restore peace to Africa,” he said. “It could be a very special Ocean’s Fourteen.” Carl Reiner said that honorary Rat PackerAngie Dickinson, who costarred in the original Ocean’s Eleven back in 1960, could come aboard as Clooney’s mom. Shabo Qin picked Muhammad Ali (“A boxer in Vegas makes sense”). Co-screenwriter David Levien thought they should add Leonardo DiCaprio… and Gary Coleman.

addCredit(“George Clooney: Eric Charbonneau/”)

“I think if they were to do an Ocean’s Fourteen, it should revolve around all the guys’ kids,” said Andy Garcia. “Maybe the kids follow in their father’s footsteps and then need help with a con or need help to get out of trouble. It would be Ocean’s: The Next Generation. Considering that almost all of us have kids now, in a few years we would have a readymade cast that looks like us.” And even Clooney voiced a siimilar thought: “If it were to happen, it will be a whole new cast of people and God bless ‘em. They will have to do it with a bunch of 12-year-olds. Besides, everybody dies in Thirteen, so they will have to start over. It is going to get sad in there tonight. We strive for tears with these films. We want everyone to cry like we cried on Twelve.”

Clooney may have been kidding, but if you don’t want the franchise to add Coleman or Ali Lohan, better make your suggestions now, PopWatchers.