By Chris Schonberger
Updated August 03, 2020 at 08:38 PM EDT

Today, marks the date “6/6” by offering six new (and exclusive) tracks from the Game. (It’s no “4/20,” but, hey, you take what you can get.) In keeping with the online music store’s demand-based pricing system, the songs will initially be available free of charge, before increasing popularity drives the costs up to their $0.98 ceiling. (And even if you don’t actually like the Game, you’re probably still thinking of getting these songs anyways, succumbing to the irresistible lure of a “good deal.” It’s the same impulse that led me to fill my closet with garments from Burlington Coat Factory.)

But enough about my weakness for “World’s Best Dad” apparel — on to the music. After the success of The Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate, the Game does not seem to be straying too far from the themes that have worked for him in the past: women, the city of Los Angeles, and his claim to have personally orchestrated the resurgence of West Coast gangsta rap. Nor does he show any signs of letting go of the life raft that is Dr. Dre (probably a good thing). Hate him or love him, the Game will keep doing things his way — that is, until he goes the way of Jiggaman and “retires” rap, which may be sooner than you think (the clip is worth watching if only for the Game’s own confusion over his use of the phrase “bigger figure”).

So, how much are these tracks really worth? Get those downloads rolling, then check back after the jump for’s suggested pricing.

addCredit(“The Game: Jonathan Mannion”)

  • “Beautiful Life”
  • Though I’m not sure if it meets the criteria for Michael Slezak’s epicSOS search, this track has all the trappings of a warm-weather jam,including a lively bassline and relatively positive lyrics (aboutwearing fresh sneakers, brushing off the haters, and attending Olympicsporting events).
  • What we’d pay: 90 cents. (The same price the Game probably paid for those Jordan IXs he picked up in China).

“My Bitch”
Apparently, this song is not really about a girl at all, but rather the Game’s beef with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Suge Knight. Yet somehow this feels like it rose from cutting room floor of theKanye-assisted “Wouldn’t Get Far,” the catchy butcontroversial shout-out to video vixens from Doctor’s Advocate. AlSharpton probably won’t be bumping to this in his whip, and neither will I.
What we’d pay: 15 cents.

“Around the Way”
Keyshia Cole delivers a forgettable hook on this ode to infidelity,which finds the Game justifying his indiscretions through a series of puzzling analogies: “You know I love you like I love my shoes/Buteven white Air Force Ones come in twos.”
What we’d pay: 10 cents.

This dark and moody track sees the Game getting’ his Dante Alighierion, leading listeners on a tour through hellish streets of L.A.Pointing out some of the city’s infamous landmarks and high-profilemurder cases, he provides an eerily evocative snapshot of his hometown.
What we’d pay: 95 cents.

“Still Me”
A few lyrical flourishes notwithstanding, this is still more of thesame from the Game, who seems oddly compelled to recap his biography onevery track. Save your money and buy a much better song called “StillD.R.E.”
What we’d pay: 60 cents.

“Won’t Stop”
Dre said this… Dre said that… Dre chose me… yawn.
What we’d pay: 25 cents.

So that’s that. It’s a good thing EW doesn’t set prices, or a single episode of Friday Night Lights would run you $500!

What do you think, PopWatchers? Should any of these tracks surpass the”50 Cent” mark? And, on a separate note, what do you think of AmieStreet’s pricing system? Will it catch on?