By Whitney Pastorek
June 05, 2007 at 07:17 PM EDT

One last Q&A from the MTV Movie Awards, PopWatchers, and then I won’t say “fuchsia carpet” ever, ever again (DON’T THINK YOU’RE GETTING OFF THE HOOK, JON VOIGHT): After the jump is my quick chat with the lovely and talented Amanda Bynes, who is starring in this summer’s Hairspray re-re-adaptation, and who appears to have suddenly become 21 years old.

I am flabbergasted at how this could have happened, as to the best of my knowledge the spunky little Nickelodeon farmhand (pictured, left, on her old Nick series The Amanda Show and at right arriving at Sunday’s awards ceremony) has never been incarcerated, been publicly intoxicated, flashed her lady parts, dated Wilmer Valderrama, battled an eating disorder, or emancipated herself from an overbearing parent. In fact, it seems as though for the last 14 years, Amanda Bynes has done nothing but work hard, act well, have shiny hair, find the funny, and generally be the man. And now that she’s a legal adult, she can go forth and prosper both in her career and in her life, unbesmirched by police records, dumbass catchphrases, unfortunate vomiting incidents, poor financial choices, or herpes. Huh. That’s crazy.

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Entertainment Weekly: When you get this dressed up for… [sweeping gesture with hand] this, how do you take it to the next level for an Emmys, or Oscars?
Amanda Bynes: That’s a good point. Well, I haven’t been asked to those yet, so I figure I’m not gonna worry about it. But I guess for that I’d wear a longer gown. This is, you know, a mid-thigh cut, so I figure at least it’s a little bit younger. But you know, I’ve always wanted to wear a gown. I’ve never really worn one.

EW: Never?
AB: No! I’ve never been to the Oscars or the Emmys. So I just gotta keep doing a good job in movies, and hoping I will one day be nominated, and then I’ll get to go. But I’m a big fan of not going somewhere unless you’re involved in a movie that’s being nominated or something. Otherwise I feel like you’re just going to go, and I think that’s kind of cheesy and annoying. So, [tonight] I’m just like, I was invited, I’m part of a movie that’s presenting [Hairspray], so I’ll go. But otherwise I like to sit home with my popcorn and my parents, and pick out things I like and don’t like about other people’s attire.

EW: Not to be creepy, but you’re freaking me out by how grown up you are right now.
AB: Really? I’m sorry. [pauses] People have said that.

EW: Could you stop?
AB: I don’t know what to do! I’ve tried to press my head down… but you know what? I’m 21 now, and I don’t want to be so sexy that it’s uncomfortable, so I’m definitely not doing any movies that are uncomfortable to watch. But there’s cute boys around. You know. You wanna look a little sexy.

EW: Who are you macking on?
AB: Um, nobody that I can say in Entertainment Weekly!

EW: I wouldn’t have printed it.
AB: It’s a respectable magazine!