By Whitney Pastorek
June 04, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Okay, kids! Having combed through my captivating transcripts from the fuchsia carpet at last night’s MTV Movie Awards — which, let me say, I was unaware was essentially a giant walking Transformers ad until I got home and watched my DVR — I have two Q&As for ya. The first is with Justin Long, who got his break on NBC’s dearly departed Ed, took the lead in former EW music critic David Browne’s favorite movie of all time, Jeepers Creepers, and stars in this summer’s most anticipated license plate slogan, Live Free or Die Hard — but who you probably know best as the Mac guy. Confirming my theory that the celebs in attendance were told how to dress to coordinate with the evening’s color scheme, Long arrived in a hot pink shirt and black tie, sporting a very nice and pretty blond girlfriend, and dallied long enough to provide me with the most entertaining conversation I had all night. Unless you count the one where Jon Voight was condescending to me, which I don’t. (And yes, I’m just going to keep bringing up that Jon Voight conversation.)

After the jump, Justin settles one of the summer’s biggest cage matches: Long vs. LaBeouf in the battle for scrawny action hero supremacy, and reveals an obsession that means he’d probably fit right in here at PopWatch…

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Entertainment Weekly: How’s my buddy John Hodgman?
Justin Long: John is awesome. We’re gonna start a couple more Mac ads in a bit.

EW: How long can you ride this cash cow?
JL: Oh, years! Nay, decades! I don’t know, they’re just so fun and easy to do, I feel like why not. Until another major company starts knocking on my door to hawk their product.

EW: You actually have a movie to promote but everyone down the line is screaming “Mac Guy! Mac Guy!”
JL: Yeah.

EW: What’s your opinion on that?
JL: I don’t care. They can call me Douchebag, or Hey Monkey Boy! Like, I don’t really care. This is all so bizarre anyway. If my parents or good friends start calling me Mac Guy then I’ll get worried. Then it might affect me. But I refer to them as photographers. Hey, Photo!

EW: In a battle between you and Transformers star Shia LaBeouf, the other scrawny action movie star of the summer — not that you’re scrawny — who would win?
JL: I think Shia would definitely kick my ass.

EW: He has some height on you, I think.
JL: No, I feel like he’s definitely — wait, does he have height on me?

EW: Maybe just a little.
JL: He’s younger. He’s a better actor. I don’t know. I feel like he would out-act me and, like, beat me up with his chops. I think Shia’s awesome. I think he would probably win, right? [asks girlfriend, who does an admirable job of not responding.] He would do like a monologue and I’d be so transfixed by it, I’d be dazed, and he’d just start punching me in the balls. He’d be pummeling my — I want you to write this. He’d be pummeling my balls.

EW: Okay, I’ll write that. It’s a family magazine.
JL: You’re welcome for that sound bite.

EW: Thank you. So, because it’s Must List season, I gotta ask: What is your current pop culture obsession?
JL: Oh, God. What am I into? S—. [asks girlfriend again] What do we like? I have no mind of my own. I have to refer to my girlfriend.
Girlfriend: Uh, disturbing videos on YouTube?
JL: Yeah! We’re obsessed with YouTube.
Girlfriend: Funny or Die.
JL: Funny or Die is great. I watch Pearl maybe once a day.

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