June 04, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

I experienced something akin to running into a long, lost friend while perusing this week’s Billboard album review section and reading about Joan Osborne’s new CD, Breakfast in Bed. It’s her second release in the last seven months, following November’s Pretty Little Stranger, and yet, despite the fact that 1995’s Relish and 2000’s Righteous Love are still in regular rotation at home and on my iPod, I’ve somehow been completely oblivious to Osborne’s post-Righteous output. Which makes me feel a little gloomy and ashamed — especially since I’ve always been an Osborne apologist who rails against anyone who would define her only by her ubiquitous hit, “One of Us.” Listen to “Right Hand Man,” or “St. Teresa,” or “Baby Love,” I’ve been known to shout. And yet, considering the woeful state of my fandom, who am I to rant? Well, a trip to the record store is going to remedy that. I just hope Joan (pictured at a gig last week in NYC) finds it in her heart to forgive me. So how about you, PopWatchers? Any singer or band you’ve inexplicably shunned in recent years? Make amends in the comments section below!

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