By Annie Barrett
June 01, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

You can’t escape Food and Drink Fridays on PopWatch, but why would you want to? In honor of National Doughnut Day, we attempted to come up with some Great Moments in Doughnuts. Our hastily prepared list is as follows:

• Homer Simpson, obviously. (Though even on The Simpsons, Homer has some fierce competition in the doughnut-love department from Chief Wiggum, pictured.)

• Garth’s finest moments of Wayne’s World: the “Foxy” dance and the brutal stabbing of Mr. Donut Head. (“Who’s tryin’ to kill ya?” “I don’t know, but you better not.”)

• Chris Rock’s bit in which he equates Krispy Kremes to crack. Provocative!

• The barely watchable “dog semen” scene from Van Wilder.

• Eddie Izzard’s routine about JFK’s botched “Ich bin ein Berliner” line, which, properly translated, means the president called himself a doughnut. (The comedian speculates that Kennedy’s German listeners must have assumed “I’m a f—in’ donut” was some kind of American slang.)

• John Belushi’s “Donut of Champions” SNL skit: “”I logged a lot of miles, and I downed a lot of donuts. Little chocolate donuts.”

• The old Dunkin’ Donuts ads with Fred the Baker, and later withHerve Villechaize, that helped make “Time to make the doughnuts” anational catchphrase.

• That line in the Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian”: “All the copsin the doughnut shop say ‘WAY-OH, WAY-OH, ooh-WAY, ooh-ooh WAY-OH…”(Slezak’s suggestion, obvs)

• Tori Amos has a “Doughnut Song” that seems to mostly advocate pain and the prettiness of blood. Because it’s a Tori Amos song, duh.

• associate editor Steve Korn asks: “Does flying into Los Angeles or drivingout of the airport and seeing the big Randy’s Donuts doughnut count asa pop culture moment?” Sure! And thank you for spelling it “doughnut”in your e-mail. The embedded -ugh makes it so much more… well, akin to the heavy feeling of having eaten too many.

There are also some Not-So-Great Moments in Doughnuts, but they usually occur at my desk, like when all the icing sticks to my friggin’ coffee cup, or when half the icing inexplicably crumbles before I can get even one decent bite. (I bet Time Inc. will dig all the product placement in that second one!)

Which deep-fried moments are we missing? Happy holiday!