May 30, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Guess Johnny Drama and Variety have buried the hatchet. That nasty incident from a couple of episodes ago on Entourage, in which the elder Chase brother stormed the trade paper’s newsroom and angrily confronted critic “Paul Schneider” over his negative review of Drama’s soon-to-be hit show Five Towns. Today’s (real-life) Variety has a special on the forthcoming Emmy nominations that includes a hilariously narcissistic essay by “Johnny Chase,” in which the (fictional) actor describes what it’s like to wait nervously for long overdue recognition from the TV academy. (Best line: “I can see all my peers’ faces when I shout, ‘Ha! Tonight I won. TonightI’m the winner. Tonight ma, you don’t need to cry for your baby.'”) Perhaps not coincidentally, today’s Variety also contains a paid “For Your Consideration” advertisement for Drama’s performance in Five Towns, including a cleverly edited blurb from “Schneider’s” pan. (Shades of last season, when there was a similar, even bigger ad boasting of the record-breaking opening weekend for Aquaman.) I’ll leave it to you, PopWatchers, to decide whether all this playing-footsie-with-reality enhances your enjoyment of Entourage, HBO’s subscriber base, or Variety‘s journalistic credibility — because, as long as everyone is making money, who cares?

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