By Ken Tucker
May 29, 2007 at 10:22 PM EDT

If you remember the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards of the ’80s, chances are some primordial lizard-brain memory will kick in when you see these new “Hollywood Zombies” trading cards being released by the same company, Topps. Harmless but pointed fun, gross-out humor without the R-rated sting, “Hollywood Zombies” depicts cartoon versions of celebrities such as “Paris Hellton,” “Tom Ooze,” “Sanjaya Malakarcass” (left), and “Scary-Kate and Trashly,” the Olsen twins.

Drawn to resemble horror-movie versions of celebs, “Hollywood Zombies” (collect all 72!) actually have a semi-noble heritage. Topps, a trading-card company that made its fortune with baseball trading cards, branched out into non-sports cards starting in the ’70s, and employed  for its parody cards such eventually-famous artists as future Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman (Maus), frequent EW illustrator Drew Friedman, and underground cartoonists old and new such as Jay Lynch, Mark Newgarden, and James Warhola.

(After the jump, see “Britney Speared.” Eww!)

addCredit(“Hollywood Zombies cards: Topps“)

The question is, of course, do you or your friends collect tradingcards anymore? “Hollywood Zombies” (seven cards per pack) may be your wayback into this fine nostalgic enterprise. I’ll trade you a Tom Ooze(featuring a green, eyeball-dangling Cruise-like figure emerging from acoffin) for a “Deadly Show” card (that’s Jon Stewart, of course, withthe flesh melting off his face)… Ick; ha-ha!