By Chris Nashawaty
Updated May 25, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

It’s fall, 1944. Hitler’s Third Reich is on the ropes. The desperate, amphetamine-addled Führer, hiding in his Wolf’s Lair, hatches one last Hail Mary play: Recruit a team of English-speaking Nazis to dress as American GIs, cross enemy lines, and sabotage the Allies from within. Their second objective is to assassinate Gen. Dwight Eisenhower. If The Second Objective, Mark Frost’s tick-tock thriller sounds like a treatment for a B-movie starring Tom Sizemore and The Rock, well, it reads like one too. The dialogue is cornball, like something out of a Sgt. Rock comic, and you can see the plot twists driving down Fifth Avenue. Wait for the inevitable made-for-TV movie instead. B-