By Michael Slezak
Updated May 25, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

GWM ISO SOS: That’s right! I’m still looking for my official SOS (Song Of Summer) 2007. Me: Expired driver’s license, but still love to walk super-fast down the sidewalk with my iPod and pretend the windows are rolled down. Have had more than my share of straightforward rock anthems and otherworldly Timbaland numbers. It’s summer, yo! I need a jaunty melody! I want to sing along with you (after a mojito or two), and also DANCE. You: Velcro chorus and driving beat an absolute must. Flawless vocals completely negotiable. In fact, willing to put up with something a little nasal if accompanied by guitar riffs that hearken back to “Blue Monday.” Are YOU ready to be my SOS? Then hit me back. Though all bets are off if Fantasia releases “Baby Makin’ Hips.”Powered by AOL Video