A new book reveals the former president's film preferences

By Adam Markovitz
Updated May 25, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Ronald Reagan saw a lot during his presidency: perestroika in the USSR, the Iran-Contra affair, and…Cocoon: The Return? Global issues aside, the newly issued Reagan Diaries reveal the Gipper’s take on some of the 70-plus films he screened while in office.

Feb. 14, 1981
Nine to Five
”Funny — but one scene made me mad. A truly funny scene if the 3 gals had played getting drunk but no they had to get stoned on pot. It was an endorsement of Pot smoking for any young person who sees the picture.”

Dec. 5, 1981
”…a most imaginative job.”

Feb. 13, 1982
”…a brutal but gripping picture about the KoreanWar and for once we’re the good guys and the Communists are the villains. The producer was Japanese or Korean which probably explains the preceding sentence.”

March 19, 1982
Das Boot
”A German movie of a WWII submarine crew. Very good but strange to find yourself rooting for the enemy.”

June 12, 1982
Health [Robert Altman’s satire]
”The world’s worst movie.”

Aug. 13, 1982
An Officer and a Gentleman
”Good story spoiled by nudity, language & sex.”

Oct. 5, 1984
[Oscar-nominated farm drama with Jessica Lange]
”…a blatant propaganda message against our Agri. programs.”

Jan. 19, 1986
The Color Purple
”A magnificent job of picture making.”