In today’s edition of Celebrity Redemption, Grey’s Anatomy doc Isaiah Washington is making the rounds with a public service announcement promoting, yep, tolerance.

No, really. (Check it out below, then see what PopWatch thought of it, after the jump.)

In the 30-second spot, which debuted last night during a Grey‘srerun, Washington stands illuminated against a plain backdrop, spoutingoff about cruel words, and how they hurt people, and blah, blah, blah.The whole thing seems gloriously canned. (I’m taking bets — didshowrunner Shonda Rhimes pen lines like, “words have power… the powerto express love, happiness, and joy?” Or was it Washington’spublicist?) Throughout the entire PSA, presented by GLAAD, Washingtonmaintains an intense “I want to hurt someone” glare generally reservedfor preening bodybuilders. (Yes, I watch a lot of Schwarzenegger TVbios. So?) When he lectures that “We all have the power to demandbetter from one another, and ourselves,” my finger starts demanding toclick the remote. I’ve watched this spot seven times, and not once haveI seen anything that looks to me like genuine remorse.

In response to the slur Washington lobbed at co-worker T.R. Knight — notonce, but twice — ABC’s should have dealt with him away from the public eye, whether it be throughthe actor’s suspension, rehabilitation, or even just a (very) strongtalking-to. The media circus that ABC’s and Washington’s publicistsallowed this situation to become, culminating in his stiff,unconvincing PSA, makes a mockery of what had been avery serious situation. (Next up: Don Imus pops up in one of those”Come to Rutgers!” ads that air during televised college sports games!)Washington’s co-star Katherine Heigl might’ve said it best: “He needsto just not speak in public.”

What do you all think? Am I being too harsh? And seriously, did NBC’s”The More You Know” team choose this tinkly background music?

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