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By EW Staff
Updated May 25, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Sci-Fi High
I salivated over all five Heroes covers, filled up on every word of the story (”The Bomb Squad”), and embraced an emotional high over the sci-fi top 25: The Matrix, X-Files, Star Trek…. I am in love.
Tamesha Lee
Monterey, Calif.

Keeping Track
WKRP in Cincinnati revolves around a radio station in the ’70s! The show, as presented on DVD, may be worthy of a B+ (DVD), but isn’t it important to mention that a large chunk of the original music has been cut or replaced due to music-rights issues?
Brent Fishbaugh
Congers, N.Y.

Glad Drag
Hedda Lettuce did a great job critiquing recent music-video drag kings and queens (Music). As a drag-queen connoisseur, I am always thrilled to see crossdressing included in EW.
Anjela Price
San Diego

Last but Not Least
Mark Harris’ ”Summer Lovin”’ (The Final Cut) was wonderful — breezy, funny, nostalgic. EW’s triumvirate of end-page columnists consistently make the last word every bit as entertaining as what precedes it. Bonus points to Mark for not caring about Star Wars.
Scott Trampus

Judgment Day
I must concur with Ken Tucker’s article regarding 24 (Television). I’ve been watching this season and rolling my eyes at many of the plotlines’ implausibilities (do any of those cell phones ever need recharging?). But I really started to become estranged from the series when Jack killed his right-hand man, Curtis Manning. Was that necessary? This season has developed a been-there, done-that feel. I can only hope that it does not get any worse.
Carnie Lee King
Bedford Heights, Ohio


Cheryl Quinn of Deer Park, Wash., is not just an obsessive fan of Peter Noone’s from Herman’s Hermits, she’s a self-proclaimed ”Noonatic.” Along with her sister Lisa and their friend Nan, the trio have ”been from Washington State to Rhode Island and all parts in between” to attend Hermits gigs. Something tells us they’re into something good.