By Michael Slezak
May 25, 2007 at 06:35 PM EDT

Keeping it really real, PopWatchers, when it comes to busting a move, I am a humble foot solider. If a commanding officer instructs me to shake my groove thing, shake my ass, or shake shake shake my booty, I have no choice but to follow orders. So with that in mind, I’m definitely in the target audience for Eve’s delightful current single, “Tambourine,” a feverish track that’s all about putting one’s jingly little drum in motion.

The question remains, though, how is the corresponding video, which premieres today at Yahoo Music? It all starts out promisingly enough, with Eve’s vinyl-clad maids busting into our heroine’s cotton-candy bedroom and engaging in some fiercely frenetic choreography. But things devolve from there. An emerald-hued backyard tableau in which the rapper rocks a fabulous feathered fan is abandoned all too quickly, and subsequent setups involving Eve cruising through the city streets in her car and strolling a palm-tree-lined road look low-rent instead of colorfully campy. I suppose the final setup, which takes place at a raucous, balloon-filled party, is all right, but, that said, Eve should really avoid any kind of choreographed routines — unless she’s willing to return to Boot-y Camp and learn the basics. What think you, PopWatchers?