May 24, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Mary-Kate Olsen will join the cast of Weeds this season as a love interest for Nancy’s son, Silas. JUST her. No Ashley in sight. I’m pretty psyched for this — I don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch Weeds (I keep a very select social circle), but if I came across one, I’m pretty sure I could reel him/her in now that one of our generation’s greatest fashion icons and most annoying child actors is in the picture! OMG! OMG! OMG! What will she wear?

Her character? “Tara, a devoted Christian girl living in the newly developed megachurch community Majestic.” Oh I get it. Rhymes with Agrestic. That’s cute. But I have to say, if we’re not treated to at least one scene of Mary-Kate getting, then actually satisfying the munchies, I’ll be very disappointed. No Starbucks allowed. And I don’t wanna see no stunt muncher either. DIY, MK.

PopWatcher Gary Susman has already put tons of thought into a preliminary list of “merch opportunities” for Mary-Kate: “Olsen-branded rolling papers, roach clips, etc.” I’ll take this idea one step further and propose a Mary-Kate Olsen Mac And Cheese And Fritos concoction, available in both “Easy” and “Fat-Free (Oh Puh-leeze)” varieties. What else can one-half of Michelle Tanner sell?

addCredit(“Mary-Kate Olsen: Peter Kramer/Getty Images”)

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