By Mike Bruno
Updated May 22, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT
Credit: Sanjaya Malakar: Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

At the risk of being crucified for insulting the most popular TV show,like, EVER, I feel it must be pointed out that American Idol clearlyjumped the shark in season 6. There are four reasons I say this:

1. Sanjaya (pictured): Some pretty-boy with funny hairbecomes the most buzz-worthy (and, some would say, most entertaining)thing about this season despite struggling to carry a tune andremember lyrics.

2. Mindy Doo’s ouster: Although she arguably has thestrongest voice of any Idol contestant ever, Melinda Doolittle didn’teven make it to the final round. So much for Simon Cowell’s insistencethat, when all is said and done, “This is a singing competition.”

addCredit(“Sanjaya Malakar: Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images”)

3. Blake: This guy somehow got to the final round with alame, white-boy beatbox gimmick that he’d played out by the third timewe saw it. We know Justin Timberlake, Blake, and you’re no JustinTimberlake.

4. Idol Gives Back”: Who can criticize a show for leveragingits unprecedented popularity for charity? Nevertheless, it stilldoesn’t change the fact that the whole, schmaltzy ordeal was a textbook example of’s “A Very Special…” category.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Did Idol jump the shark this year? Ifso, what other shark-jumping events did I leave off? Or maybe you thinkthe show jumped in an earlier season?