By Michael Slezak
Updated May 22, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Bee Movie (Nov. 2) Keep in mind I don’t see too many animated movies these days — maybe I’m just tired of the standard-issue outsider insect/animal/inanimate object learning to Dream Big plotlines? — and I’m kind of scared of bees, but Jerry Seinfeld’s latest project actually looks kind of amusing. The animation is vivid and detailed, from the fuzzy tennis ball to the glorious aerial-formation sequence, and any kid flick that gets a laugh out of the line, “He really is dead” deserves the benefit of the doubt. Paging the nieces and nephews!Powered by AOL Video

The Golden Compass (Dec. 7) It’s got Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and a talking polar bear (who’s apparently an expert in contract law). It looks lush and expensively shot. And yet when I watch this trailer, I get a slight case of the drowsies. Is this a sign that I need a Sleep Number bed, or is this adaptation of Philip Pullman’s bestseller somehow looking a little less than scintillating? Discuss!