This week, the first single from Interpol's upcoming major label debut record, plus new tracks from Eve, Travis, Chris Brown, and People Press Play

By Simon Vozick-Levinson
May 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Interpol’s major label debut single

INTERPOL, ”The Heinrich Maneuver”
These professional brooders are the latest indie heroes to make the leap to a major label, though their first album for Capitol (due July 10) doesn’t sound too different from the two they put out on Matador. And why should it? As ”The Heinrich Maneuver” reminds us, the boys can still squeeze a catchy single out of the same old formula — cryptically biting lyrics from Paul Banks, staccato riffs from guitarist Daniel Kessler, and an unforgiving forward march from the rhythm section of Carlos Dengler and Sam Fogarino. Sometimes change can be overrated. (Hear it on AOL Music)

EVE, ”Tambourine”
It’s been good to see Eve back in the news after a five-year recording gap — even if her DUI arrest has been responsible for most of those recent headlines. Hopefully, that scandal won’t distract too many listeners from the joys of Eve’s excellent new single. Longtime producing partner Swizz Beatz surrounds her rhymes with stampeding sirens, whistles, and horns, plus an indistinct sampled phrase beginning with ”shake your tambourine.” Around the third time you hear that insistent command, you get the sense you’ll be happily complying all summer long. (Hear it on AOL Music)

TRAVIS, ”Sail Away”
Will this Glaswegian quartet ever score a serious commercial hit in the U.S.? Acts like Coldplay and Keane have shown that there’s an enormous market for sentimental Britpop on our shores, and yet Travis, who played a critical role in originating that sound, haven’t quite broken through like they have. Still, the band seems content to keep turning out solid albums with self-effacing titles, like The Invisible Band and The Boy With No Name, which hit shelves this month. This online-only bonus track is a typically modest gem, all compassionate lyrics and McCartney-esque melody. (Buy it on iTunes)

CHRIS BROWN, ”Wall to Wall”
The big R&B performance moment in this year’s Grammys telecast came when Smokey Robinson and Lionel Richie showed up to sing abbreviated versions of their iconic hits; the medley’s grand finale, provided by 17-year-old Chris Brown, was plenty of fun despite consisting of roughly one-part actual singing to nine-parts flawless choreography. Something parallel happens on Brown’s new single: His limited vocal range is beside the point as his words ricochet rhythmically off of the track’s cascading synth surfaces. The kid might not be a world-class singer, but he’s a born entertainer. (Hear it on AOL Music)

This Copenhagen-based electro act started off as a trio before rounding out their ranks with new lead singer Sara Savery on their self-titled debut (due July 17). Smart move: Savery’s high, dreamy vocals complement this track’s sparkling beats perfectly. (Stream it from PPP’s MySpace)