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By EW Staff
Updated May 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Flop Talk
Kirsten Dunst says that any Spider-Man movie without her, Tobey Maguire, and Sam Raimi would be a ”big flop” (”World Wide Web”). She misunderstands why people see these films. Neither she nor Maguire is a bigger star than the Spidey character, which is the real draw.
Mike Williams
College Station, Tex.

Bird Alert
While I enjoyed your Penguin Power List (Summer Movie Preview), you missed the granddaddies of them all — the dancing penguin waiters in Mary Poppins!
Dan Long
Tacoma, Wash.

Hype and Mighty
Bravo, Gillian Flynn! I don’t agree with everything in your Ugly Betty, Lost, and Grey’s Anatomy review (Television), but I love the merciless way you took an ax to three overhyped shows.
Claude Mercure

TV critic Gillian Flynn has apparently been gifted with the ability to invalidate the opinions of TV viewers everywhere. I now know I’m wrong to believe Lost, Grey’s, and Ugly Betty are as good as I thought. I just hope Ms. Flynn doesn’t determine chocolate cake to be unworthy of my praise.
Julia Simpson
Minneola, Fla.

The Rat Pack
I have pet rats, and I’m glad Ratatouille (Summer Movie Preview) shows people they aren’t the filthy vermin many believe them to be.
Kadee Sedtal
Scott AFB, Ill.

Terry Minsky should not have been credited as a screenwriter for No Reservations (Summer Movie Preview).
We neglected to include Christina Ricci’s Penelope, out Aug. 17, in that month’s entries (Summer Movie Preview). Tom Selleck’s CBS movie Jesse Stone: Sea Change airs May 22 at 9 p.m. (#934, What to Watch).


Charles S. Harding of Long Beach, Calif., is plagued by his preoccupation with a certain swashbuckler: ”My love of Capt. Jack Sparrow and all things pirates is no longer an obsession but a disease!” The chief symptom? Charles’ need to create his own Captain Jack costume. ”I started my research online, reviewing pirate history, period clothing, weapons, etc.,” he explains. Judging by the results, that research has more than paid off.