The ''Dancing With the Stars'' alum talks about befriending John Travolta


Joey Lawrence had only 11 days to prepare for his Broadway debut as courtroom crooner Billy Flynn in Chicago (May 4-June 17). Whoa. But even that wasn’t enough of a challenge for the 31-year-old triple threat. Starting June 5, the married father of 1-year-old daughter Charli will moonlight with former Dancing With the Stars partner Edyta Sliwinska, rehearsing for the DWTS tour that kicks off when his Broadway stint ends. ”Is that ridiculous?” Lawrence asks. ”I’m just gonna close my eyes and pray.” Hopefully that same tactic will get him through our rigorous Personality Test.


1. What have you always wanted, but are just too embarrassed to buy?
As a kid I loved those big hair dryers in salons that you sit under. Loved those, dude. I used to sit there while my mom got her hair done, and I’d want to sit in one ’cause they were so warm.

2. Choose one:
(A) Corey Haim
(B) Corey Feldman
Definitely old-school Corey Haim in License to Drive.

(A) Dirty Dancing
(B) Road House
Dirty Dancing is a classic. We danced to it in junior high.

3. Who would you come back as in another life?
Probably an agent, ’cause then I could tell all the agents I’ve had how to do it. [Laughs] I’d actually work hard.

4. If you were stranded on a desert island with the cast of Blossom, who would you eat first?
(A) Mayim Bialik
(B) Michael Stoyanov
(C) Ted Wass
(D) Jenna von Oÿ
[Thinks 20 seconds] Well, maybe Blossom. She didn’t really like me much, you know.

5. The first famous person I befriended:
John Travolta [costar in 1991’s Chains of Gold]. He’d take my family with his on vacations to, like, the Caribbean.

6. Which summer movie are you most psyched for?
(A) Ocean’s Thirteen
(B) Pirates 3
(C) Live Free or Die Hard
(D) Harry Potter: …Phoenix
I’m a Die Hard fan. What I like about the John McClane character is it’s not predicated on 18-inch biceps. He’s the man, but he doesn’t have to be like an action figure.

7. Rosie O’Donnell leaving The View is…
A shame. She was great for the show. I’ve known her for a long time — she was on the last year of Gimme a Break!

8. Which superhero do you relate to most?
(A) Superman
(B) Spider-Man
(C) Batman
(D) Green Lantern
Can’t say I relate to any of them. My parents haven’t been murdered in a back alley like Batman’s. But I’ve been through my share of crap too.

9. The last time anybody asked me to say ”Whoa” was…
Every day. Bein’ in New York, it’s like [shouts]: ”Joey, say it!” Now and then I’ll give ’em a little one if it’s gonna make their day.