''Dog Show'': behind-the-scenes -- What we learned from the ''131st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show''

By Melissa Rose Bernardo
Updated May 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

The secret to the standard poodle‘s signature poofs: Suave shampoo and a healthy dose of hairspray…plus six hours of grooming time.

You won’t catch the sophisticated borzoi hound drinking from the toilet. His beverage of choice? A Starbucks green-tea Frappuccino.

These pups are used to the spotlight: Ace the rottweiler appeared in a Chevy truck ad; Wishbone the French bulldog did Martha Stewart’s show.

Rover and Spot are so over. One Yorkie is called Chandler Bing. Somewhere, a shih tzu named Janice is barking: Oh…my…gawd!