A Disney princess fashion special -- Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle are among the animated ladies who have inspired designer Kirstie Kelly

By Lindsay Soll
May 18, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Disney animation doesn’t necessarily scream wedding couture, but designer Kirstie Kelly has created a line of gowns for the company to counter that image. ”We looked at each character and said, Who is she as your modern-day woman?” says Kelly of the six Disney princesses who inspired her new collection, which costs from $1,100 to $3,500. No word on when the evil stepmother-in-law line will come out.

THE DRESS It’s no surprise that Kelly went boho chic with the dress inspired by Aladdin‘s spunky and independent heroine. ”This type of bride is looking for something relaxed and comfortable, but still sexy,” says Kelly. OUR TAKE Simple enough to survive the magic (and sometimes turbulent) carpet ride of a wedding, and it sure as hell beats those teal balloon pants and belly-baring tops Jasmine seemed to favor.

THE DRESS She’s the iconic princess in the quintessential romantic fairy tale, so it’s only fitting that a Cinderella-style bride would wear a dramatic, beaded ball gown on her big day. ”It’s all about being the classic princess,” says Kelly. ”This bride wants a traditional gown for a large wedding.” OUR TAKE For some reason, we just can’t stop thinking about how long it must have taken those cute little mice to do all the embellishments.

THE DRESS As if it were copied right from the cel, this dress is almost identical to the one Belle wore in Beauty and the Beast. ”There’s nothing on it that you typically think of for a bride,” explains Kelly. ”But because of the draping of the skirt and the elegance of the neckline, it comes off as a beautiful bridal gown.” OUR TAKE Any bride dying to be a Disney dead ringer should look no further. Hopefully, the groom won’t have such Beastly hair issues.

THE DRESS The Little Mermaid doesn’t seem so G-rated anymore with this curve-hugging gown. ”This dress is for the adventurous girl who doesn’t want a big, fussy wedding,” says Kelly. ”She’s someone who works on her figure and likes to show it off.” OUR TAKE There’s something fishy about a supersexy Disney dress. Besides, any King Triton-esque dad would drown before letting his daughter out in such a slinky number.