By Annie Barrett
Updated May 18, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Earlier this week on Late Night, John Stamos, Tom Selleck, and yes, even Conan performed a little striptease after Stamos confessed to having a navel that looked like a nose. I love Selleck’s high-pitched giggle fit at the end. Way to keep it real, everyone!

In seemingly unrelated news, Nielsen Media Research is considering adopting a “live plus three” rule for the 2007-8 season — instead of basing ratings on real-time performance, they’d leave a three-day window so that DVR users who don’t watch things right away could be counted, too. Last year, a week-long window was proposed and nixed, so the “three” is a compromise. But is three days enough?

As a die-hard DVR/life partner owner (I wear the pants), I often don’t watch shows until at least a week after they’ve aired. I took in practically the entire Grey’s Anatomy season this past Sunday. Then there’s all the watching we do online. The Conan thing happened Tuesday night, but I’m only watching it today. Clearly, it’ll take a more complicated equation to calculate just how much life energy we bestow on TV-related nonsense in 2008. What do you think? Is three days enough? Should they stop trying to track us altogether? I mean, sometimes I’m catching up with YouTube in my sleep. Yeah, Nielsen. Measure that.