By Daniel Fierman
May 18, 2007 at 08:28 PM EDT

It’s Friday and the festival is starting to smoke.Leonardo DiCaprio showed up last night with his global warming doc The11th Hour — or as Missy and I have been calling it, Inconvenient TruthII: Convenience’s Revenge. In case you’re wondering, yes we are allstill going to die.

Zodiac had its red carpet gala, and Lord if thatisn’t the best American movie of the year so far, I don’t know what thehell is. (And the first person who says Shrek 3 gets a big, fat Frenchslap upside the head.)

Missy and I bumped into the heads of no fewerthan three major studios at dinner last night, all eyeing each otherwarily. And brace yourself: Because here comes Monsieur Michael Moore withhis new doc Sicko. I’m sitting down with the big man himself over theweekend, so I ask you PopWatchers: What do you want to know?(Disclaimer: All questions with the words “fat,” “traitor,” “Americanhero,” and/or “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” will begiggled at and then summarily discarded.)