By Mandi Bierly
Updated May 17, 2007 at 07:34 PM EDT

What have you forced your friends to do in the name of entertainment — and does the use of “force” make you a bad person?

Here’s why I’m asking: Earlier this week, after receiving a press release from Encore Westerns announcing the channel’s upcoming 100-hour movie marathon of John Wayne flicks (to celebrate what would be the Duke’s 100th birthday on May 26), I was reminded of my dream evening. I would rent-out a drive-in theater and watch Red River, the 1948 Montgomery Clift/John Wayne classic. (If you think it’s sacrilegious that I list Clift (pictured, right, with Wayne) first, you need to rewatch the night scene in the rain with Monty and Joanne Dru. Sigh.) In my mind, seeing Monty a Western on that big of a screen, outdoors with mountains in the distance, would be a moment of entertainment perfection. (Kinda like the time I read The Perfect Storm, at night, alone on a balcony overlooking the Atlantic.)

So, what’s the problem? Besides the fact that I have no idea how topull off the rental of said drive-in theater and film, the knowledgethat most of my friends would rather be eaten alive by mosquitos thansubmit to watching a Western. As one of them told me two years ago,when I mentioned this as a possible plan for my 30th birthday — youshould apparently always pick an activity that all of your guests would enjoy. Is that true? Am I the only one who thinks the birthday girl gets what she wants?

To recap, then: This week we’re sharing the entertainment-themedactivities we’ve forced friends to take part in. It could’ve been for aspecial occasion (like my 30th birthday weekend in the Poconos), or itcould have been just because you needed to see Bootmen after the trailer had been so awesomely bad that the audience you first saw it with actually applauded.

Is there a limit to friendship?