By Dawnie Walton
May 17, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT

Lists are fun, people! A couple weeks ago we incurred your wrath with our Top 25 sci-fi list; now, in his Pop of King column in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King wants to be starting somethin’ with his list of the 24 greatest rock songs ever made.

Clearly, your Uncle Stevie likes the boogie — just not the disco kind (he eliminated that genre entirely, along with ballads, soul, and overplayed tunes like “Stairway to Heaven,” from consideration). Instead, you’ll find tunes by Chuck Berry, the Dominoes, and Little Richard. Also making the cut: Elvis (Presley gets three mentions; Costello, one), Bruuuuuuce, the Stones and the Beatles, and two rocking ladies (Connie Francis and Wanda Jackson).

So… have at it. What’s missing? The most recent song in King’s countdown is from 1983 (that would be the Lyres’ “I Want to Help You Ann”)… is that an appropriate commentary on the state of modern rock, or are there glaring omissions? Discuss!