''Gossip Girl,'' the new soap from ''O.C.'' creator Josh Schwartz, and Kevin Smith's understated comedy ''Reaper'' look good — but what's up with that family living in South Africa on ''Life is Wild?''

By Gillian Flynn
May 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
KC Bailey

EW continues its look at the broadcast networks’ upfront lineup announcements with a look at The CW’s upcoming fall season.


Happy Birthday! And, uh, we sold your soul to the devil. On his 21st, our hero (The Loop?s Bret Harrison) discovers his parents have basically apprenticed him to Satan (played by 24?s Ray Wise), so he?ll get to spend the rest of his life capturing hell?s escapees on earth. From Kevin Smith, Reaper?s humor is suitably low-key and perfectly timed — and Wise, slick and swell-suited, looks like he?s having a blast.

Gossip Girl
The best-selling book series has spawned a sex-money-and-scandal soap that actually promises to be fun. The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz seems to have another set of winning, privileged high-school kids on his hands.


Life Is Wild
A gooey-looking drama about a troubled family that relocates to South Africa so the teens can get grounded and look at cheetahs. Aims to be inspiring, but mainly feels like a bad ’70s Disney movie.