Barry Sonnenfeld's oddball drama ''Pushing Daisies'' could be a winner, but the Geico-commercial-inspired sitcom ''Cavemen'' will likely have a very short shelf life

By Gillian Flynn
Updated May 17, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Michael Desmond

EW continues its look at the networks’ upfront lineup announcements with a glimpse at ABC?s fall shows and our snap judgments on the highs and lows.


Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld brings his lush, oddball vision to a fairy-tale story about a guy (Wonderfall‘s Lee Pace) who has one hell of a conundrum: He can bring people back to life with a touch, but they die for good if he ever lays a finger on them again. The lovely Anna Friel plays the man’s childhood love, whom he saves from the crypt after a nasty murder. Offbeat, good-natured, plus it has Tony Award-winning Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Wicked) — what’s not to like?

Christina Applegate is an amnesiac who doesn’t quite feel like herself — whatever that may feel like — in this daffy little comedy that has the good sense to cast Jean Smart (24) as her mom and What About Brian castoff Barry Watson as her hapless beau.


Seriously, the cavemen from the (admittedly, slightly amusing in short bursts) Geico TV ads have their own comedy, which is sure to be as one-note-annoying as the It’s Pat movie.

From Sex and the City producer Darren Star comes another drama about four Manhattan women who have it all…and are super, super good friends! Including Lucy Liu, this foursome isn’t nearly as likable as the quartet in the rival NBC drama, Lipstick Jungle. Nor or they as bubbly — Cashmere seems like a real so-hard-to-be-a-woman downer.