Mitchell Haaseth
May 15, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

All this week, the networks are revealing quick first looks of their fall TV lineups in hopes to dazzle advertisers. Here are our own snap judgments on what intrigues and what fails to make a mark. NBC went first:


The Bionic Woman
I know, I know, sounds like a horribly silly idea… or does it? The old ’70s hit has been restyled for the new millennium by Battlestar Gallactica‘s David Eick, with young Jamie Sommers (played by Brit import Michelle Ryan) landing sleek robotic limbs and a mechanical eye after a car crash — against her will, mind you, and with definite strings attached. Looks like a good government paranoia thriller laced with badass fights. Perhaps the next Alias has arrived?

Chuck (played by Less Than Perfect‘s Zachary Levi) works as a blandly nice computer technician when the government’s secrets end up downloaded into his little brain and spies start to circle. Levi is fairly adorable, and the tone is light and friendly — but good luck keeping the premise afloat week after week.

Lipstick Jungle
The latest Sex and the City-inspired soap, this one from the actual writer of Sex, Candace Bushnell. Three powerful New York City women, played by Brooke Shields, Kim Raver (24), and Lindsay Price (Pepper Dennis, wear great clothes and have wacky sex lives. The trio seems to have good chemistry, and the scenes are funny enough, though that may just be my good cheer at seeing 24 escapee Kim Raver do something but shake and cry.


Yet another time-travel drama, with Rome‘s Kevin McKidd shuffling around between past and present, getting confused and then growing into his gift. Or something. The main point is, I’m already dizzy with the changing scenery.

An LAPD cop (Damian Lewis) is released from prison after serving more than a decade for a murder he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the force, being all loose and positive, bantering with his dubious partner (Sarah Shahi). And get this: the guy loves to eat fruit! That’s his thing: Fruit! Hahahahaaa… ehhhh.

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