May 15, 2007 at 06:42 PM EDT

To commemorate the series finale of Gilmore Girls tonight (as well as what may prove to be the penultimate Veronica Mars), my friend Cynthia has a suggestion she’d like to share with anyone out there who works in TV development:

Count me in with those who like Logan and who feel that he got the shaft with his treatment in the most recent Gilmore episode. If Veronica Mars gets canceled, I think there should be a new show on in the fall called Logan’s Crossing, with the Logans from each show (Gilmore‘s Matt Czuchry, left, and Veronica‘s Jason Dohring, right). They don’t have to interact: Each guy could get half an hour and at some point they can cross paths and it would switch to the other Logan’s story. In my mind, when they cross and the narrative changes from one Logan to the other, it’s a Touched By an Angel sort of moment. Like, they would have some subliminal awareness of it.

If we could get Della Reese involved, I think it’s network gold.

C’mon, PopWatchers! Who’s ready to rally behind this idea? And since it’s upfront season, does anyone have another pitch they’d like to share?

addCredit(“Logan: Patrick Ecclesine”)

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