May 15, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Friends, Romans, college freshmen! Lend us your ears for the final winners of the mtvU (that’s a closed-circuit MTV broadcast exclusively at institutions of higher learning) winners of the “Best Music on Campus Artist of the Year” competition: Bamboo Shoots, of Middlesex County College in lovely, bucolic New Jersey. See their performance here on last night’s Conan O’Brien, and check out their MySpace here. They describe themselves as “South Asian/Indian influenced rock music fortified with beats and samples,” though mostly we’re just detecting a heavy rhythm section on bouncy-fun, otherwise traditionally Converse-clad rock.

As the winners, the band gets “a promotion, video, tour and record deal from mtvU and Epic Records worth up to $1.5 million” (We don’t understand the “up to” part either), which seems fair considering the 1300-something other college bands they beat out for the prize. What’s your call, readers? Are these boys appropriately deserving? Would you pay good Sam Goody money to buy their album? Do you like that one guy in the background’s sweater? Tell us everything!

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