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Updated May 14, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Shrek the Third

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Shrek the Third features scads of new cast members — including Justin Timberlake as a would-be king and Amy Sedaris as Cinderella — but none makes us happier than John Krasinski. Come May 18, EW’s favorite Dunder Mifflinite will trade jousting with Dwight Schrute for just plain jousting as Lancelot. Ever gallant, Krasinski was kind enough to tilt with a few of our queries.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How does it feel to board the Shrek train?
JOHN KRASINSKI: Well, it’s a tiny little franchise that I think is really going to catch on. It’s gonna be a big deal for DreamWorks. Seriously, it’s a blast. As a kid I always wanted to be a cartoon more than anything else. And I got my chance.

But you had a small voice part in Doogal, didn’t you?
Dammit! You found out. But I have a feeling that Shrek might do a little better.

So what’s the deal with Lancelot?
Well, here’s what happens: Shrek is asked to be King of Far Far Away and he doesn’t want to be, so they have to go to the next closest heir, which is Fiona’s cousin Artie.

But he’s a teenager, right?
He’s still in high school. It’s basically The Sword and the Stone meets Breakfast Club. And Lancelot is a jerk. He’s the jock who thinks he’s the hottest thing since fire.

But you’ve always played the nice guy.
It’s all a front. I’m really a pompous ass.

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