By Michael Slezak
Updated May 11, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

On a recent episode of Idolatry, my dusty-but-cherished vinyl copy ofForever Your Girl was brutalized by my saucy colleague Kristen Baldwin.(Its whereabouts are still unknown.) Needless to say, the traumaticordeal sent my memory traveling back — way back — to a time whenPaula Abdul ruled MTV with hits like “Straight Up,” “OppositesAttract,” and (best of all) “Cold Hearted.” Remember that last one? Irecall watching the David Fincher-directed clip back when it debuted in1989, and thinking how gosh-darn racy it was, what with all thosesweaty, writhing bodies, the PG-13 poses, and the flashes of guy-on-guyaction. (Paula, you naughty little minx!) Paula may not have exactlybeen a powerhouse vocalist, but she sure knew how to shake what hermama gave her. Plus, girlfriend tries her hand at rap! “Take-a-take-another-nother-look-into-his-eyes/And you will only see arep-tile.” Respeck.