Seriously, have you ever felt like a bigger loser than the day you discovered Jimi Hendrix did not, in fact, want to be excused to kiss this guy? Or that the men of Nirvana were saying “here we are now, entertain us” — not “here we are now, in containers”? (Thanks, readers, for the correction! “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a tough one: My friend Kerry and I also once spent nearly half an hour trying to figure out if Kurt Cobain was asking us “How low?” or just saying “Hello” in that scream-y refrain.)

But no matter which lyrics you’ve misheard over the years, I promise that my ears are fuzzier than yours. I once thought that the sing-songy “It’s a jolly holiday with you, Bert,” from my fave kids’ flick Mary Poppins was actually “It’s a jolly holiday with Hubert.” Cut to a younger, confused Karen, sitting in front of the TV puzzling over this mystery Hubert. Was he a former flame of Mary’s? Bert’s twin? God?

So imagine my delight the first time I heard the Fall Out Boy tune “Sugar, We’re Goin Down.” A paean to… I dunno, something emo, it’s one of the most oft-misheard songs of the 2000s. And some fabulous person out there on the good old World Wide Web has taken it upon himself to create a fake music video — an homage, if you will, to the song’s garbled nature, complete with subtitles of the fake lyrics (and hilarious rudimentary visuals to go along with ’em). Though it’s been circulating since last year, I was just last month introduced to this fabulous (and slightly NSFW) piece of mockery heaven. Watch it below, then check back in with me after the jump.

I’m calling on everyone who’s recently stumbled through a Lily Allenchorus, wondered what the hell Justin’s wailing about in “SexyBack,” orhit replay more than five times on a rap track whereallthewordssoundlikeho.Wipe the tears of laughter from your kaleidoscope eyes and weigh in.What are your all-time favorite misheard lyrics (if you need a tripdown memory lane, head to the misheard lyrics archive kissthisguy.comfor a primer.) And, most importantly, which songs on the current chartsare stumping you into a deep frustration? We’ll do a roundup of thelatter next week, so you can see how you measure up.