With the summer movie season in full swing, it’s a good time to review proper movie theater etiquette:

  • No matter how bad the movie is, no one wants to hear you talk through it.
  • If you go to the bathroom during the film, you are allowed one 5-second recap upon your return. If you can’t hear it or don’t “get it,” sorry.
  • Try not to laugh when a fellow audience member yells out something funny. You will only encourage him.
  • If you show up after the previews have begun, you’ve forfeited your right to ask someone — especially an elderly person — to move seats so your six-person party can sit together.
  • While we appreciate you leaving your seat to make that call on your cellphone, we can still hear you if you’re standing inside the theater doors. Step outside.
  • If you’re one of only a few people in a theater, do not sit directly in front of one of them. Even in stadium seating.
  • Do not spend five minutes looking through your bag for something after the movie starts. It’s dark. You’re not going to find it.
  • Open the candy quickly. Yes, it will be loud, but only for a second. As opposed to what happens if you try to do it slowly. And you make noise anyway. And your friends feel the need to laugh at you.

Anything we missed?