By Bethonie Butler
Updated May 09, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Two days after Slezak lamented that the producers of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style were looking for a “down-to-earth” sidekick for the design icon we came to know and love on Project Runway, Bravo announced that former supermodel Veronica Webb is set to play off of Gunn’s highbrow fabulousness in his new show. She has some TV experience — much of it spent on VH1 specials recalling her modeling heyday — and she used to write a magazine column, so at least we know Bravo picked someone who knows the territory and can put a sentence together.

Despite the consensus that if Tim Gunn captured our hearts on Runway, he could certainly do the same on his own show — even without so much as an Auf Wiedersehen from Heidi Klum — the producers could have done a lot worse. Webb isn’t as easily recognizable as her co-host, but after years in the fashion industry she knows what’s up. Maybe she’ll serve as the Paula of the show — a sweet side dish to Gunn’s unapologetic spiciness.

So what do you say, PopWatchers? It’s a shame we can’t have Tim all to ourselves, but it is Tim Gunn we’re dealing with here. Can he take his own advice and… well, you know?

addCredit(“Veronica Webb: John Spellman / Retna”)