By Missy Schwartz
Updated May 09, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s a sad day for this Björk fan, PopWatchers. As I sat at home last night, getting ready to write my weekly Veronica Mars TV Watch, I started thinking about my final NYC Björk concert, which would take place the following night. The idea of it made me so very happy that I walked over to the bulletin board where my ticket was pinned, just to admire it. “BJORK… THE APOLLO THEATER… WED MAY 8, 2007,” the ticket read. That’s funny, I thought, I just sent an e-mail that was date-stamped Tuesday, May 8th. Silly Outlook e-mail, getting its dates messed up…

Then it hit me. Outlook wasn’t wrong. Ticketmaster was! The company printed an incorrect date on my ticket. Not only that, they printed a date that doesn’t even exist. Oh, how the realization stung, PopWatchers. I admit, I could have spared myself the stress of this unfortunate situation if I’d noted the date, not the day. But I’ve never been a numbers kind of gal. And it was too late. By the time I could hope to hail a cab and haul myself up 115 blocks to Harlem, Björk would be on her way back to the comfort of her own home, Matthew Barney greeting her at the door with his latest Vaseline sculpture or something.

And that, friends, is the sad, sorry end to my Björk adventure. Whocould have guessed that my trilogy would be cut short by a sillycomputer error? What is this, Y2K all over again? But there is a shredof good news. Ticketmaster has agreed to reimburse me $84.85, which isthe amount I paid for a seat at the Apollo Theater, less anon-refundable “order processing” charge in the amount of $3.75. Nope,they wouldn’t budge on those last few bucks. $3.75 — apparently that’sthe price I pay for being crazy enough to attempt three Björk concertsin a week.

Now all I can do is wonder… did other Björk fans find themselvesstaring at “WED MAY 8, 2007” in horror last night or this morning?Since I have no report to offer you on Tuesday’s performance, here’s what some die-hards have to say about it. Looks like I missed a great one. And the worst part is, I’ll never know how many gem sweaters were in attendance.