Stylist Miles Siggins talks about LaKisha's stumble, the ''Idol'' contestant who's had the ''big fashion makeover of this year,'' and more

By Jessica Shaw
Updated May 07, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Frank Micelotta

So who’s responsible for the unfortunate black and red-lace top LaKisha wore on Bon Jovi night? Don’t look at American Idol stylist extraordinaire Miles Siggins — he was sick last week and could only shop with Melinda and Blake. Here’s his take on last week’s looks, and what we definitely will not see on Bee Gees night.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about Blake’s outfit. That jacket with the cool turquoise lining was great.
MILES SIGGINS: Yeah, every time Blake and I go out we tend to see one thing and we’ll take it from there. It’s like building blocks. It’s so collaborative with him every week. We found this jacket and then we just went from there.

Did you like the black hair or were you more of a fan of the blond streaks?
I like it dark. It completely changed his look. It made him look more like a rock star.

And Melinda with that laced-up shirt with the writing…She looked like a real rocker chick.
This is the new, funky Melinda. Wait until you see this week.

It’s amazing to look at Melinda now versus how she looked back in January.
Melinda is the big fashion makeover of this year. Blake already had his style, though we refined it a little bit.

I know it’s not your fault, but we have to talk about LaKisha’s tank with the unflattering red-lace stripe.
With LaKisha it was a 45-minute process of getting her to decide what to wear. She got this great leather jacket-blazer, and it looked great on her with what she was wearing. But people told her it looked great without the jacket. I think it was a mistake. It kind of accentuated the wrong things.

I’m just amazed you got LaKisha in jeans instead of a dress.
She wanted to wear a dress this week too and we were all like, ”No! You have to change it up!” Her voice was so phenomenal this week that it really didn’t matter what she wore.

If you could get past Jordin’s crazy hair, the outfit, though a little ”Borderline” video-esque, wasn’t bad.
I thought the Chloe top she was wearing was beautiful. But the hair threw everything. I liked the look because she made it look so Amazonian. When she stands next to Ryan it’s hysterical.

A lot of guys in our office were big fans of Phil Stacey’s jacket. What was the story with that?
Phil’s jacket is by this guy Logan Riese. He really wanted to dress Phil so he brought a lot of stuff over to show him.

He was a tough guy to shop with, wasn’t he?
Well, Phil didn’t care what he looked like. He thought that was him being helpful to just say ”Dress me in anything.” But it makes it a lot harder. By the end we got him in jackets and funky outfits.

Since dressing for theme weeks goes against everything you believe in, I assume we won’t be seeing any bell-bottoms this coming week. Any hints you can give us?
Yeah, I tell all the contestants at the beginning of the season that there are going to be themes and you do not dress for them. Blake and Melinda really do get it and they don’t want to dress for a theme. And Jordin’s schedule was a little messed up so my assistant is still out with her so I don’t know what she’s wearing. But there will be two songs each and two outfits. It should be interesting.

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