From the big screen to Broadway -- With ''Dirty Dancing'' and ''Spider-Man'' set to hit the stage, we wonder if ''Scarface'' is next

By Lindsay Soll
Updated May 04, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

From the big screen to Broadway

The Departed
THE PLOT West Side Story meets Assassins! Only with swearing and questionable Beantown accents! SHOWSTOPPING TUNE A reprise/medley of “I Feel Gritty” and “Oh, %*#$@! (The Departed Theme).”

Harold & Kumar Go to Broadway
THE PLOT Our buds hit the road to catch a Marijuana-logues matinee. SHOWSTOPPING TUNE Neil Patrick Harris’ rousing “The Doogie Line Always Works on Strippers.”

A Scarface Wedding
THE PLOT In this interactive experience, the audience must finger the fed hidden among the partygoers. SHOWSTOPPING TUNE The sultry honeymoon ballad “Say Hello to My Little Friend.”

An Inconvenient Truthical: The Musical
THE PLOT Al Gore faces a new challenge: protect Whoville from global warming…and find a rhyme for fluorocarbon. SHOWSTOPPING TUNE “Hot in Herre.”