By Annie Barrett
Updated May 03, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Less than two weeks before the season finale, the CW has announced that the May 15 episode of Gilmore Girls will also mark the series finale. They certainly did keep us waiting, didn’t they? (So much for the rumors of an abbreviated, 13-ep season in 2007-08.) According to a joint statement by the network and producer Warner Bros. Television, “Announcing the final season of Gilmore Girls is truly a sad moment for everyone…. We promise to give this series the send off it deserves.” This must mean the finale will be good, and more than just a sorrowful hour of Rory and Lorelai eating all the leftovers that never made it out of their fridge.

I’m by no means a Gilmore expert, but I’ve seen my fair share of eps. It seems to me seven seasons was an appropriate — dare I say… prime? — number for the beloved, veteran show, whose quality and consistency were beginning to drop off late in the game. What do you think, Gilmore fans? Are you sad to see the Girls go? Relieved? Both? And how would you like to see the show end?