By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 30, 2007 at 11:56 PM EDT

Warning: Your level of productivity will be taking another hit come June. Sony has announced plans to create an online Minisode Network (first on MySpace, then possibly on a self-titled Web channel) that will air condensed episodes of classic Sony-owned TV shows like Charlie’s Angels (pictured) and T.J. Hooker. The “minisodes” will be edited to under six minutes, and still, Sony insists, keep the stories intact.

While Sony Pictures Television prez Steve Mosko makes us a little nervous with his this-will-cost-us-nothing glee — “‘It’s just editing. Our people are really having fun with this. We’re not overthinking the process. You could almost look at this and say a group of college kids put this together” — we still think this is a genius idea. Besides introducing these shows to a whole new generation, they can also use the Minisode Network to promote DVD releases to old fans, who may not realize they need to relive William Shatner’s T.J. Hooker until they see new recruit Adrian Zmed in his undies.

Another thing to look forward to: Sony will also be miniaturizing episodes of Ricki Lake. “It’s great,” Mosko told The New York Times. “The people get introduced, there’s a big fight, then they come together, and cry and hug. You get everything in five minutes.” On a personal note, I hope we also get to see the reaction shot Ricki‘s cameras once captured centering on my friend Mark, who was an audience member on “My Wife Is Sleeping With My Toothless Dad” Day. Trust me, that’s classic TV, too.

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