By Whitney Pastorek
April 29, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

As part of a brief but ongoing series, EW Photo Editor Michele Romero checks in with the following tease:

When my editors decided to ship me out to Coachella to rock the music fest photography assembly line for my job as a Photo Editor here at Edubs, I thought, me no like 60,000 people surrounding me in a dusty field in 1000 degree heat and that too tall guy always in front of me at a show. But I love photography and music and so I decided to take advantage of my job and check out what two of my photographers know well, the pit in front of the stage is the real front row. (Yes, in this episode of Survivor: Coachella you develop cockroach-like coping mechanisms to see your favorite bands.)

Of course, my photographers also know that you need to remember a synch cord to upload your pictures (see you soon, Best Buy!) and in reality I would’ve fired me if I had hired me. But you’ll see and read about my digital adventures in front of some of my favorite bands as soon as I figure out how to upload pictures on this sweet D80 camera on loan from Nikon.

Look for her awesome shots– as well as observations about our fellow festival-goers that only the extraordinary Roms could make– early next week. I’ve seen some of the shots. You LCD Soundsystem fans will want to check back in.