By Annie Barrett
Updated April 27, 2007 at 02:00 PM EDT
Credit: Everett Collection’s revving up for a special package about the best science-fiction movies and TV from the past 25 years (look for it late next week). So we wanna know: Out of any sci-fi creation to date, which character or creature would you most want as your friend, and why? Things to consider: superpowers, language barriers, levels of goo, degrees of separation from William Shatner, etc.

I’m going to be a big nerd/child and go with E.T. I always identified with the little alien. He liked playing dress-up, raided a mean fridge, and would generally rather stare into space than deal with his immediate environment. We’d make great pals — he wants to call home a lot and I hate cell phones, so he could basically have mine. We’d eat Reese’s Pieces and gossip about the earthlings all night long. He would call me “Aaaaaaaa-nnieeeeeeee” and I would eat that up.

Other picks:

Desmond from LostBoyfriend, friend, same diff.

The Thing — It could annihilate people and restaurant chains I don’t appreciate. Plus, it’d get really annoyed when I sang “That thing, that thing, that thi-i-i-iiiing…” to him on a regular basis… but it would have to fight the urge to destroy me… because we were friends.

Michael Caine in Children of Men — He was hardly involved in the science-fiction-y part of the plot, but I think we’d get along. He plays King Crimson on vinyl!

What about you?