The brazen country singer bares all

1 Coming after the similarly vengeful ”Kerosene,” Crazy‘s title track struck radio folks as too controversial. But they’re fine with ”Famous in a Small Town” — probably because ”it doesn’t talk about killing anybody or setting anybody on fire,” Lambert says.

2 ”Family-values” country? Not for her: ”I don’t write about angels, Jesus, happy days, kids. I grew up on drinkin’, cheatin’, love gone bad…”

3 Still, ”if you listen to my records, my theme is really love. Even with ‘Dry Town’ — I mean, I love beer!”

4 Alt-country faves Gillian Welch and David Rawlings penned ”Dry Town,” yet Lambert says,”I lived that song. It’s 30 miles to the nearest beer” from her native Lindale, Tex.

5 Lambert was no wild child. ”My parents are PIs. If I tried to sneak out, they were waiting when I got there.”

6 She has a concealed-gun license, ”but I don’t think I’ll ever actually shoot anybody. I have this image of being hardcore, but I’m just a 23-year-old going through everything any other girl would go through.”

7 Her dad calls her ”the ice princess” for her cool attitude post-breakups. ”I’m very hot or cold. Once I love somebody, I give all my heart. But if somebody hurts me, I’m done.”

8 She and current steady Blake Shelton, 30, both have CDs out May 1. ”I told him I was gonna kick his butt [on the charts].” For his sake, she’d better. ”Poor Blake. I tell him, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ could be your life story, so just know that.”