Potential TV spin-offs -- Here are some other shows that could follow the path of ''Grey?s Anatomy''

By Tanner Stransky
Updated April 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Potential TV spin-offs

With all the buzz about a potential Grey’s Anatomy offshoot featuring Dr. Addison Montgomery, here’s a look at other exciting new shows that might (or, ahem, might not) be showing up on your TV soon.

American Idol
Spin-off Idol Island
The Concept After Idol is canceled due to Sanjaya’s shameful surprise victory, the AI crew is reduced to voicing a cartoon remake of Gilligan’s Island,with Ryan as Gilligan, Randy as the Skipper, Simon as Mr. Howell, and Paula as Mary Ann. Desperate for work, Taylor Hicks records a new theme song: ”Just sit right back and you’ll hear a wail/A wail from a third-rate singer…”

Law & Order
Spin-off Law & Order: Security Detail
The Concept Having finally run out of viable L&O concepts, creator Dick Wolf turns to former cop Mike Logan (Chris Noth), now slumming it as a part-time guard at a Beverly Hills Saks. In the pilot, Sarah Jessica Parker guests as a former teen starlet who gets caught on camera swiping designer duds from the dressing room. Free SJP!

How I Met Your Mother
Spin-off Suit Up!
The Concept Just what does Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) do at that cushy office gig? This sitcom reveals the truth: He works in the mail room. The luxe office actually belongs to his gay brother James (Wayne Brady), who lets Barney use it to impress friends. Barney struggles to deliver mail while pretending to be a bigwig, which, as we know from The Secret of My Success, is funny.

The Sopranos
Spin-off Hollywood Hitman
The Concept Christopher (Michael Imperioli) heads for L.A. to start a company called Molto Moltisanti Productions. But when his first release — Gangster’s Paradise, starring Joe Pesci as a Hawaiian hitman — gets an F in EW, he ditches the movie biz and teams up with Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) for a more lucrative career shaking down talent agents for protection money.