Our five favorite penguins -- Chilly Willy, Mumble and Danny DeVito made our list

By EW Staff
Updated April 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Our five favorite penguins

Well, it’s official. Penguins have passed chimps as the most powerful animals in Hollywood. (Sorry, Bubbles.) And with Surf’s Up in theaters June 8, we thought it was high time for a Penguin Power List.

1 Mumble
The tap-dancing breakout’s Happy Feet earned nearly $200 million and won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Not bad for a chick.

2 The Penguin
As the flippered villain in Batman Returns, Danny DeVito commanded an entire army of missile-toting penguins. The only flightless birds we know with live ordnance.

3 Emperor Penguins
The bilingual stars (they speak penguin and French!) of the Oscar-winning documentary March of the Penguins made it the second-highest-grossing doc ever.

4 Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico
The mischievous quartet share fourth for becoming the surprise favorites in Madagascar.

5 Chilly Willy
Best known for his role on The Woody Woodpecker Show, cold-footed, maple-syrup- loving Chilly set the standard for all the rotund, squeaky-voiced penguins that followed.